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Are you a Gloucester fisherman, or do you come from a fishing family? Then you too are a valuable resource! Primary sources such as yourselves make up a huge portion of the research John N. Morris did in order to write Alone at Sea. And now, it's your turn! Click here to submit your stories and photographs of the Gloucester fishery.

The Schooner Adventure: The Last of the Gloucestermen
The Schooner Adventure, a dory-fishing schooner built in 1926, is a national treasure and an icon of the American fisheries. After over 20 years of restoration, Adventure is now sailing again and serves as a floating classroom for maritime history and environmental education. Alone at Sea author John Morris is president of the non-profit organization that has overseen Adventure's repair, manages her programming, and honors her legacy.

Gloucester Fish Landings: 1808-1939
A detailed account of Gloucester's yearly catches. As you'll notice, data is missing for many of these years - submit your own data (as well as data source), and help us fill in the gaps!

The Gloucester Fleet, Vessels Lost, Men Lost at Sea
This unique and originally researched listing from Alone at Sea details yearly losses of ships from the Gloucester fleet, as well as the widows and children they left behind. Because the author collated this from primary sources, you will find that data is missing for many years - submit any information you have (and your source) here.

Bibliography on Gloucester and the Fisheries
A bibliography of other references on Gloucester and the fisheries - including books still in (and not in) print. If you have a title on your shelf that you don't see here, please let us know about it.