Relevant Resources

These are historical links. They are no longer actively maintained, but they contain a wealth of information:

Down to Sea
A detailed listing of Gloucester men and vessels lost at sea from 1900 on. A now silent Web site, this page was created by Roberta Sheedy, who tirelessly tracked the history of the Gloucester fisheries.

Fishing? It was "A Way of Life"

From our neighbors to the North, this now silent Web site tracked the history of the Canadian fisheries.

Other sites of interest:

The Cape Ann Museum has one of the great collections of primary historical information on Gloucester and its fisheries.

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum honors the shipbuilding heritage of this small New England town.

Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine -  information on the fishing banks in the Gulf of Maine and elsewhere.

The Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Association - the proud group of women who stand behind the current generation of Gloucester fishermen.

The Gloucester Maritime Center - a local maritime museum at one of Gloucester's historic marine railways.

The Gloucester Schooner Festival - find information on Gloucester's annual fall Schooner Festival - a great opportunity to see schooners under sail, or to go out for a day (at a cost) to join the excitement of the race.

Gorton's - without a doubt, Gloucester's greatest fishing company from the past into the present.

Lowell's Boat Shop made many of the dories that went out on Gloucester schooners.

The Sawyer Free Library has a unique microfilm record of all Gloucester newspapers going back into the early 19th century.

The Schooner Adventure - this 122-foot historic wooden dory fishing schooner was built in 1926, and is "the last of the Gloucestermen." It is being restored by a non-profit maritime historic preservation and educational organization, with the goal of turning it into a floating classroom.

Schooner Man - a wealth of information on schooners.

Shute and Merchant - an interesting record of one of Gloucester's old fisheries companies.

Stellwagen Bank - this site contains information on the fishing ground and national marine sanctuary that lies off the Massachusetts coast.

See also the Fisheries Bibliography.